2018… YEAR OF MET!

Well it’s that time of year again when the business is preparing to draw to a close for a well-earned Christmas break. So where do we start with a glance back over 2018 … so much has happened for MET and the team it’s hard to find a starting point for what has been a fantastic year! Why not start at the very beginning and what marked a very special point in MET’s growth seeing us open our 2nd branch based in Wolverhampton, the doors to Wolverhampton were thrown open back in January and although an experienced team were selected to take up the challenge it’s been a huge learning curve for the whole business. Nearly 12 months on and we have an established and successful team in place who are working hard to raise the profile of MET in a new location – you’re doing a great job guys, well done!

We do like a challenge here at MET though and if opening a 2nd branch wasn’t enough stress we decided to relocate our head office to a newly renovated building in Dudley … without the help of a removal company I might add (thanks to the team for humping boxes and becoming removals specialists overnight!) Our new Head Office opened its shiny new doors at the end of July with a visit from valued clients, colleagues and even the Mayor himself dropped in for a sandwich and what can I say but we are very spoilt, we even have air con and an awesome feature wall created by the children of two local schools.

Since the move the year has been a bit of a whirlwind …. we’ve raised a fantastic amount of money for charity, completed the Wolf Run, an extremely successful race night, donated over 25 gifts to local children for Christmas and that’s not to mention wear it pink, children in need and Christmas jumper day! Quite honestly, we’re exhausted with all that let alone the day job!

On a business note though we celebrated our 10-year anniversary with a fantastic trip to Edinburgh … it was hit and miss if some of the team would make it back (Harry). Our team has grown throughout this year and we’ve introduced a number of new consultants to the business who have complimented our existing team. Client wise we’re fortunate to have retained 98% of our existing business from the previous year and can also boast an impressive increase in new clients throughout 2018 – so we really can’t complain!

We’re a conscientious company and have tried very hard this year to not only give back to the local community but to also only use local suppliers, we’ve made great use of our Black Country Chamber membership attending exhibitions and getting involved in partnership and network events in and around the Black Country – proving that business really is done better together (as the Chamber would say!).

So as 2018 comes to a close it’s safe to say the Directors are very proud of what the team have achieved this year and we’re looking forward to pushing on for an even better next year … and on that note we would like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic team, clients, temporary workforce and permanent placements who have all made the success of this year possible! Cheers to you …. From all the team at MET Recruitment we wish you a Merry MET Christmas and Happy New Year ????


Why use an agency to recruit temporary workers?

There are many reasons why using an agency to recruit temp workers is beneficial to your company:

Cost effective
Efficient way to hire
Time saving
Knowledge of the market

Cost effective

With the assistance of an agency, you can cut the costs of advertising, reduce overtime costs (Recruiting a temp is cheaper than regular staff working overtime) and reduce the costs of hiring in the future (Returning to us as we already have the knowledge of your requirements so the process will be quicker)

Efficient way to hire

The most important aspect of filling any vacancies is the response time. The majority of temp requirements are often short notice and we pride ourselves on our response time in the fact that we speak to candidates on a regular basis and ensure we have people available at short notice. If the candidate isn’t suitable for the role then we can offer a replacement as soon as needed.

Time saving

A recruitment agency can save you the time of sifting through applicants. We arrange interview times, deal with administrative duties (Communicating with applicants, providing feedback) and provide any inductions/training required which allows in-house staff to concentrate on their other duties.

Knowledge of the Market

A good recruitment agency will have a good knowledge of the market and will be aware of available candidates and their skill set, career and salary expectations etc. This is extremely beneficial when we have positions which clients are struggling to fill through other avenues. The initial interview process is, for us as an agency, to understand candidates’ expectations, their work history and to ensure they are the correct fit for your role.

MET Cake Sale For Comic Relief

As you can see our staff are getting in the swing of things for ‘Comic Relief 2017’ We are all very excited and because we did so well with the ‘ MET Bake Off’ last year we are going to get our bake on again!! We will be selling cakes to our clients on Thursday 23rd March at £1 per cake! If any of our clients want to buy any of the delicious cakes, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of the team and we can arrange to come down and see you! #routetorecruit #heretohelp#comicrelief17 #fundraising #bakesale